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Tennessee Code: Title 68: Chapter 201 (Air Quality Act)
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The following links are to the Official Compilation of the Rules and Regulations of the State of the Tennessee, compliments of the Secretary of State's Office.

Air Pollution Control Regulations

Chapter 1200-3-1 General Provisions
Chapter 1200-3-2 Definitions
Chapter 1200-3-3 Ambient Air Quality Standards
Chapter 1200-3-4 Open Burning Certification Process
Chapter 1200-3-5 Visible Emission Regulations
Chapter 1200-3-6 Non-process Emission Standards
Chapter 1200-3-7 Process Emission Standards
Chapter 1200-3-8 Fugitive Dust
Chapter 1200-3-9 Construction and Operating Permits
Chapter 1200-3-10 Required Sampling, Recording and Reporting
Chapter 1200-3-11 Hazardous Air Contaminants
Chapter 1200-3-12 Methods of Sampling and Analysis
Chapter 1200-3-13 Violations
Chapter 1200-3-14 Control of Sulfur Dioxide Emissions
Chapter 1200-3-15 Emergency Episode Plan
Chapter 1200-3-16 New Source Performance Standards
Chapter 1200-3-17 Administrative Procedures [Repealed]
Chapter 1200-3-18 Volatile Organic Compounds
Chapter 1200-3-19 Emission Standards and Monitoring Requirements for Additional Control Areas
Chapter 1200-3-20 Limits on Emissions Due to Malfunctions, Startups and Shutdowns
Chapter 1200-3-21 General Alternate Emissions Standards
Chapter 1200-3-22 Lead Emission Standards
Chapter 1200-3-23 Visibility Protection
Chapter 1200-3-24 Good Engineering Practice Stack Height Regulations
Chapter 1200-3-25 Standards for Infectious Waste Incinerators
Chapter 1200-3-26 Administrative Fees Schedule
Chapter 1200-3-27 Nitrogen Oxides
Chapter 1200-3-29 Light Duty Motor Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance
Chapter 1200-3-30 Acidic Precipitation Control
Chapter 1200-3-31 Case By Case Determinations of Hazardous Air Pollutant Control Requirements
Chapter 1200-3-32 Prevention of Accidental Releases
Chapter 1200-3-33 Accreditation and Certification of Asbestos Abatement Personnel
Chapter 1200-3-34 Conformity
Chapter 1200-3-36 Motor Vehicle Tampering