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Financial assistance has been provided to Tennessee's local governments and non-profits since 1992.  Since that time, over 3,000 grants have been awarded at over $95 million dollars for various projects ranging from key pieces of recycling equipment purchases to large facility improvements like the building of material recovery facilities (mrf's), addition of truck scales, and building of convenience centers.  Funds for these grants come from the Solid Waste Management Fund and the Used Oil Collection Fund.

Solid waste grant assistance has allowed the 68 solid waste planning regions to build much needed infrastructure.  A decade ago, green boxes or unmanned county waste receptacles, dotted the back roads of our highways.  At that time anything and everything was tossed in and around these containers.  Today, nearly every county has at least one convenience center which is monitored and fenced.  These centers provide drop off points for municipal solid waste as well as assorted recyclables.

Because of these solid waste grants,  the vast majority of Tennesseeans have an integrated solid waste system to manage their local municipal solid waste.  

In addition to grants designated for the local governments and non-profits, the grant program also provides grants to nine development districts, the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services, University of Tennessee County Technical Assistance Service, and the Recycling Marketing Cooperative of Tennessee (RMCT) to provide technical assistance to the local governments.


For more information about Solid Waste Grant Assistance please contact us.